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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, you need certain tools to get the job done. Among the essentials are gloves, a bladed tool for pruning and a way to transport water. The type of gardening you do will influence what other tools you may need, but these basic items are a good place to start.

Gloves help protect hands from harsh chemicals and insects while performing gardening tasks. Choose a pair with a comfortable fit, especially for extended use. Many gardening gloves are made from cotton or other natural materials that absorb moisture and odors, keeping your hands dry and comfortable. You can also find more durable glove options, such as nitrile or latex coatings that resist oil and grease.

A wheelbarrow is an indispensable item for moving gardening supplies and potting soil. Choose one that is lightweight for easier handling, or opt for a heavy-duty steel model that can withstand frequent use. You can also find hand carts that are ideal for smaller spaces and lighter loads.

If you have a large yard with thick grass and a variety of plants, you’ll want to invest in a lawnmower. There are a wide range of manual and electric mowers to suit different types of yards. Look for a model that is easy to handle and fits your space, and be sure to purchase a high-quality mower so you can enjoy years of hassle-free gardening.

Gardening shears are a versatile multitasking tool that can be used for pruning, transplanting and weeding. They’re perfect for trimming bushes, shrubs and overgrown perennials, and some feature an ergonomic design that helps reduce strain on the wrist and fingers. You can also find a variety of specialty shears, such as bypass pruners that cut cleanly without smashing down on the bottom blade, and loppers that are suitable for cutting tough stalks or stems.

A garden knife is a versatile gardening tool that can be used for digging holes, loosening roots and more. It’s often a good idea to buy a multipurpose type, such as a Japanese hori hori knife, that’s a mix between a shovel and a trowel and is designed for weeding and other detailed work.

Digging spades look a lot like shovels, but have a square head to cut through dirt and roots more easily. You can also purchase a border spade, which has a narrower head that is more maneuverable in tight areas.

Trowels are great for digging small holes, planting containers and pulling weeds. Invest in a quality trowel that’s forged from stainless steel or other durable material and has a solid, ergonomic handle for comfortable gripping. If you’re serious about digging, consider a long-handled digging fork with angled tines that are stronger and more stable than flat tines on regular rakes.

A rake is a must for sweeping up leaves and debris in the yard or garden. There are various rake types to choose from, including bow rakes with wider and lighter prongs or a garden fork with square, rather than angled, tines.