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electric lawn mower

When it comes to mowing the lawn, electric mowers are a good alternative to gas-powered models. Unlike their gas counterparts, electric mowers run on rechargeable batteries instead of combustible fuel. As a result, they’re environmentally friendly, quieter — and you don’t have to worry about oil changes or noisy combustion. They’re also easier to start (no pull cord, no priming), and there’s no need to lug a gas can around. But they do have some drawbacks, such as shorter mowing times and less power when the battery is depleted.

If you’re considering an electric lawn mower, it’s important to know what features are available before making a purchase. In addition to the type of battery and the number of minutes of operation per charge, look for a mulching option if it’s included. Some mowers use a special mode to conserve battery life, decreasing blade speed to prevent heat buildup and shortening run time. It’s important to read the battery label and pay close attention to the volt and amp hour (Ah) ratings – higher Ah indicates a larger capacity.

The best electric mowers offer an ergonomic design that’s easy to maneuver, even for those with arthritic hands. Look for a handle that folds for storage and that can be adjusted to multiple heights for comfort. A handle-mounted switch allows you to select from three speed settings, and an LED indicator shows the status of the mower: a charging light, battery level, error message, overheating or the fact that the handle isn’t in place. A large grass collection bag is another handy feature.

Most electric mowers have a brushless motor that’s more durable than those in traditional mowers. Brushless motors also consume less energy and are more reliable, with fewer moving parts. They’re also able to handle more heat and electrical stress than traditional mowers without losing performance.

While an electric mower costs more upfront than a gas mower, it can be cheaper to own over the long term when you factor in annual maintenance and fuel cost. Plus, many communities and the state of California are banning gasoline outdoor power tools because of air and noise pollution. For those who want to make the transition, we’ve rounded up the best electric mowers in our tests. We evaluate each model for its comfort and ease of handling, how easily it sets up and stores vertically, its mowing results, the range of cutting heights, grass collection capacity and any additional features such as mulching or side discharge. We also assess how well each model is engineered to last, and its quality, design and warranty.